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Cathy & Kevin Batchelor

McCall Downtown Condo Living

Looking for a place to live in McCall? Downtown McCall condo living offers great benefits to second and full-time homeowners.  Number 1: you are within walking distance to McCall restaurants, shops, bars, and Payette Lake, giving you the ease of having immediate access to McCall entertainment and recreation without ever getting into your car.  Number 2: condo living is hassle free. Your HOA fee pays for all the maintenance of the building. Snow removal, yard work, painting, general upkeep, etc… is taken out of your hands, allowing you to enjoy your precious time in McCall. Number 3: condo living gives you an immediate network of friends to entertain with while in McCall.  Sound fun and easy! Check out our listing in the Alpine Village Condo Development, located in the heart of downtown McCall.



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