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Spring Hiking in McCall

Mud season in McCall doesn’t mean you can’t go hiking. Locals flock to the Rapid River Hiking Trail, where often times the temperatures are 20 degrees warmer and snow is no where IMG_0558to be found.

The Rapid River Trail is just south of Riggins, where the elevation is much lower and the weather is much more temperate, making it ideal for spring hiking. The trail head begins just past the Riggins Fish Hatchery along the Rapid River. Lush vegetation follows the trail along the rivr, where hikers will see numerous types of plants, trees and wild flowers. As you look up high, you will see steep rocky terrain with varying natural tones oIMG_0561f red, gray and brown. Looking down the canyon you will see the picturesque snowcapped mountains in the distance, reminding you that winter has just past and summer is just around the corner.

The Rapid River Trail is just one of many trails to hike in the spring. The lower elevations in Riggins and New Meadows, which are just 20-40 minutes away offer many beautiful trails to hike.  Also, as the snow rapidly begins to melt in spring, Ponderosa Park, Bear Basin and other lower elevation trails provide locals and visitors many hiking options to take in the surrounding the beauty in McCall.



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